COVID -19 Resources

Changes to Continuing Education Regulations 

Some jurisdictions have made temporary changes to the continuing education requirements for licensees/registrants because of the pandemic.

Click here to download a pdf with most updated information and links to the regulations.

State Emergency Declarations and Inclusion of NDs in the Provisions of Emergency Services

State Emergency Declarations and Inclusion of NDs in Provision of Emergency Services 
A service provided by the AANP

Physical location of the patient governs which state regulations apply

Licensees/registrants must comply with the regulations in the state your patient is physically located at the time of treatment.This applies to in-person treatment as well as telemedicine treatment.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, some states have chosen to temporarily suspend this requirement in their emergency declarations, but some states have not. Most states have emergency provisions to grant temporary licenses for physicians who are licensed and in good standing.

It is the responsibility of the licensee/registrant to fully comply with the state regulations where your patient is physically located before treating the patient either in person or via telemedicine. Multiple licenses may be required to practice telemedicine/telehealth.

Telemedicine Regulations by State

Click here to be taken to the AANP COVID-19 Resources page. You will find extensive telemedicine resources for NDs.

AANP Fact Sheet on Regulatory Agency Warning Letters to NDs regarding COVID-19 and advertising

This fact sheet was released June 5, 2020 and supercedes previous guidance. Click here to see full document
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