How NANCEAC Makes Accreditation Decisions

NANCEAC accreditation decisions are made four times a year through a rigorous, multistep process. Once the application package is deemed complete, it undergoes a peer-review process with the Naturopathic Review Committee (NRC), followed by a final review and accreditation decision by the FNMRA Board of Directors (BOD).

NANCEAC uses an industry-accepted criterion-based evaluation system to ensure that fairness, consistency, and accuracy are applied equally to all applications. This application process was developed to ensure fair and accurate accreditation decisions. As well, members of the NRC and BOD must disclose conflicts of interest (real or perceived), provide statements of financial disclosure, and recuse themselves from considering an application if appropriate.

The FNMRA/NANCEAC staff provide support and guidance to all relevant parties throughout the application process.

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