North American Naturopathic Continuing 
         Education Accreditation Council

NANCEAC will serve the naturopathic community by ensuring NANCEAC-accredited providers will deliver CE activities that:

address practice gaps

are evidence-informed

are free from commercial bias

improve clinical practice

Benefits to CE Providers

Single point of approval that will eventually be accepted in most jurisdictions, instead of being required to apply for CE approval in multiple jurisdictions

Attract more participants from more jurisdictions as the accreditation is accepted in North America

Benefits to Regulatory Authorities

Alleviate the burden on RAs that currently approve CE activities

Each RA still has authority over CE approval

FNMRA would assist in reducing workload

RAs can choose to add NANCEAC-approved providers and courses to their qualified CE lists

Benefits to Naturopathic Physicians

Ensure high-quality and meaningful CE activities that are

free from commercial bias

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